Last updated: Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Search Engines:

Alta Vista - I have been impressed by the results of this search engine a few times.  Definitely worth adding to your favorites or bookmarks.

Yahoo! - Yahoo is a well categorized site with many sections coming straight from Yahoo (such as TV and Movie listings, News, Sports, Weather, Auctions, Classifieds, and much more).  However, since Yahoo strains to keep the site well organized, it is not as comprehensive as other search engines.  A good strategy might be to try Yahoo first, then others.   You can do this easily with Yahoo because along with the results of any search, Yahoo provides links to try the same search on many other search engines.   I currently use this site as my Start Page.

Lycos - I believe this site has one of the largest databases.  This does not mean you will always get great results, though.

Snap - This one is relatively new, but it is from NBC and they are promoting it heavily.  It may be worth a try.

Excite - Another good one.


Software: - A very large site with plenty of things to download.

Free games - A listing of 52 popular games.  All 100% free.

Microsoft's home page. - There are many updates available for Office 97. Take a look at Windows 98 if you're not sure if you should upgrade.

ie4get_animated.gif (7090 bytes) Internet Explorer 5 is now available! If you have Windows 98, simply click Start, then click Windows Update to get it. Some of the features are: - Great place for Windows 95 software.

Netscape's home page. - Get the latest version of Netscape Navigator!  If you are using Navigator, you can also double-click the big N to get to Netscape at any time.

Internet Stuff:

The rec.puzzles Archive - This is a massive archive of mind puzzles that have been posted to the rec.puzzles discussion forum.

Microsoft Synthesizer - This FREE software from Microsoft will give you wavetable synthesis (without additional hardware, but it uses more processor time than the real thing). This page also has good comparison of the cheap synthesis most people have VS. wavetable audio.

Bill Gate's Columns - Love him or hate him, what he has to say is interesting.

Hotmail or Yahoo - Get a free lifetime email address which you access through the web. Great if you ever have to change ISPs!  I have and  These are backup email accounts, so I don't check these often.

Video Games: - This site has hundreds of games you can play online against other people.  Most of it is free!   All types of games.  Many of my clients would enjoy Bridge. - Many of my clients use this site to play bridge with each other.  Note: this site requires a paid subscription to access most of the tables.

Nintendo - Nintendo's official web site.

Sega - Sega's official web site.

Game Genie? - Get all the latest codes for FREE!

Click here for the rest of my Video Game Links

Programming/Web Design:

Add Me!  - Free web site submission to over 30 search engines!

Borland's home page. - Maker of the Delphi programming language. - An excellent resource for Delphi programmers.

Microsoft's DirectX Page - Lots of FREE information on using the DirectX multimedia API. - This is my favorite newsgroup.

comp.lang.pascal.delphi.misc - A great newsgroup for Delphi programmers.

Delphi Developer's Journal 1995 index - This is a really great freebie for Delphi programmers. It includes all the articles in DDJ for 1995.


Scottsdale Community College - I was getting my edgucatun here.

Arizona State University - I am currently attending ASU.

Some of My Favorite Movies (links may or may not be cool):

Saving Private Ryan [ * * * * ] (My rating is four stars!)

A Bug's Life [ * * * * ]

Toy Story [ * * * * ]

Titanic [ * * * * ]

True Lies [ * * * * ]

Terminator I & II - [ * * * 1/2 ] & [ * * * * ]

Back to the Future I, II, & III - Ratings from [ * * * 1/2 ] to [ * * * * ]

Jurassic Park & The Lost World - Both are [ * * * 1/2 ]

Schindler's List [ * * * * ]

Star Trek movies - Ratings from [ * * 1/2 ] to [ * * * 1/2 ]

Fly Away Home [ * * * * ]

The Wedding Singer [ * * * * ]

Some of My Favorite TV Shows (links may or may not be cool):

The Pretender - This show is fantastic!  This link takes you to the official web site on

The Outer Limits - Official site. Great sci-fi! I believe this show is very popular with computer science people! Most episodes involve some sort of technology.  I also like classic Twilight Zone episodes, but I have never seen the original Outer Limits.

Star Trek: Voyager - This is the never-ending Yahoo category for Star Trek. This show has some very excellent episodes (and a few that are not so great). I like unique plots.  I also like Star Trek: The Next Generation as well as the classic Star Trek, but I don't usually watch Star Trek: Deep Space 9.

Little House on the Prairie - Includes an episode guide, the theme music, and much more.  It's interesting to see a time without any technology.

Airwolf - Includes an episode guide, the theme music, and much more. For a while I used this theme music as my startup sound in Windows 95. I wish I could combine the Airwolf helicopter with the Knight Rider car (which has artificial intelligence and can talk)! Imagine a helicopter that could fly itself!  (The link no longer works, but I believe the site has only moved, so you may still be able to find it somewhere.)

The Simpsons - This show is fantastic!  I hope they never stop making new episodes!

Futurama - A cool new show from the makers of The Simpsons! Home Page Walton Dell's Software School Projects by Walton Dell Computer Support (Tutorials and more!) Glossary of computer terminology Music Video Games Fun Stuff Humor Links to other web sites Search or the entire web! Contact Walton Dell
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