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By Walton Dell

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Do you think Super Mario 64 is too short or too easy? Are you looking for more to do with this game? Well, then you've found the right page!  If you think you're too good for this game, try any of my challenges labeled medium or hard!  This web site is the ultimate guide to tricks, stunts, and secrets in SM64.  This is not simply a database of world-wide high scores, but instead it is a listing of some of the most awesome secrets and stunts many Mario players may never know about!

If you have not gotten all 120 stars, then click here for links to video game sites with walkthrough guides (assuming that's what you want -- personally I prefer to beat games without a guide whenever possible).  There are plenty of Mario guides out there, and I have tried to avoid "reinventing the wheel" with my Mario site, so you will not find tutorials for each of the 120 stars on this site.  Just remember to visit this site again once you've gotten all 120 stars.

Below are many challenges I dare you to try. Once you have read all the tricks on my site, then you may submit your own trick as well! The approximate difficulty of each stunt is given for each trick.



News as of February 1st, 2006:

  • Luigi Found!

    Many people have emailed me with a link to a Luigi video on Google Video. The video does in fact show a fully animated Luigi in what appears to be the standard Super Mario 64 (not the version for Nintendo DS). But guess what? That is NOT the standard Super Mario 64. It is a hacked copy of the game, running in an emulator! The original posting of that video is on -- see the following link:

    Luigi is Really Real 2005- The Movie 
    The author of that video (the same guy that posted it) is an expert at reverse engineering video games. Just read his comments below the video. He hacked the Super Mario 64 polygon data and made Mario look like Luigi. Note that the Mario icon is still in the top-left corner of the screen. ;-)

    So, sorry, there still is no Luigi in the standard Super Mario 64.

  • Super Mario 64 Modded!

    The author of the above Luigi video has also stated that he is working on a Super Mario 64 level editor.  In addition to the Luigi modification above, he has demonstrated his level-editing capabilities in the following video:

    Super Mario 64 Mod 2006

  • Super Mario 64 Beat in 16:27 (Using Recorded Moves)!

    In other news, there is now an impressive "Tool Assisted Speedrun (TAS)" video for Super Mario 64.  What's a TAS you ask?  It is a recording of moves that can be played back in an emulator, and it is designed to beat the game as quickly as possible (sometimes using bugs, sometimes not).  When recording the moves, the author can play the game in slow motion and rewind as many times as necessary to get the moves perfect.  Ultimately, the goal is to see how fast the game could be beat if an absolutely perfect player were playing.  So, don't let this video make you feel bad, because nobody can play this well, not even the author of the video.  In this case, Super Mario 64 is beat in only 16 minutes and 27 seconds!

    Super Mario 64 time attack in 16-27 (Ninja style!)

    For more details, including a torrent file for the AVI video, use this link:

Old News:

  • This site now contains over 310 tricks!! *
    * = Counts each method of doing a challenge as its own trick, and counts glitches, secrets, etc. (basically everything).

  • In addition, I have received at least 200 additional tricks which I have not had time to add yet!!  Some are very good, but many are boring or too similar to tricks already posted (no offense).  I intend to eventually at least copy and paste the good ones into one giant "miscellaneous tricks" page.  I make zero promises as to when that might be, though.

  • Updated: I have decided to cancel my "update mailing list", because I do not have time to maintain the list, and I rarely update this site anyhow.  If you really, really want to know when this site is updated, there are services that will monitor a page and notify you when there are changes (search Google for these services).  Thanks for your understanding.

  • My life is very busy and exciting.  This web site costs me money to keep on the web, and you get it for free, so please don't complain that I don't hover over this site with my every waking moment, giving daily updates, etc.  I love Super Mario 64, but there is more to life!  Most of you all are very nice and I have received dozens (if not hundreds!) of great compliments on this site, so thank you very much!!

  • Before submitting a trick, please thoroughly check to make sure that it isn't already on the site!!  (Duh!)  Please try not to submit any slight variations or minor "boring" tricks.  I have left the submit form up, just in case you have an awesome trick that somehow has not been posted yet.

  • Also, please do not send emails asking how to get a particular star (please search the net for a Super Mario 64 guide - there are plenty of other web sites with that information).


Once you have read all the tricks on my site, you may submit your own trick!  You will be given credit if you want.

The Legend of Mario:

Obviously, this means I invented the trick.  Without the blue checkmark, it is just an idea, otherwise I have done the trick myself.
A visitor submitted the trick, and I have done the trick myself.
A visitor submitted the trick, and I have not had the chance to try it yet (or I couldn't figure out how to do it).
A visitor sent the trick to me via my "Submit a Trick" page, and requested to remain anonymous.
Joe Smith A visitor by the name or nickname of "Joe Smith" submitted the trick.  If requested, I will link the name to the visitor's email.
Wow! or Cool! I really like the trick.

If text is indented like this, then the text is mostly the words of the visitor (maybe edited a little).

Text that isn't indented is text written by me.

Centered text is also written by me.

See also: Difficulty Guide (Explains difficulty ratings from "Very Easy" to "Very Hard".)

Here's a hot one:
This is a screenshot from the trick "Ultra Wall Kick Master" on the Second Bowser page.  Click to go to that page.

Course 1 (Bob-omb Battlefield) First Bowser Level & Battle
Course 2 (Whomp's Fortress) Second Bowser Level & Battle
Course 3 (Jolly Roger Bay) Final Bowser Level & Battle
Course 4 (Cool, Cool Mountain) Princess's Secret Slide
Course 5 (Big Boo's Haunt) Outside the Castle
Course 6 (Hazy Maze Cave) Castle Lobby
Course 7 (Lethal Lava Land) Castle Basement
Course 8 (Shifting Sand Land) Tricks for Any Level
Course 9 (Dire, Dire Docks) Cap Switch Levels
Course 10 (Snowman's Land) Coins
Course 11 (Wet-Dry World) The Break Dance Tricks
Course 12 (Tall, Tall Mountain) The Mario Mysteries
Course 13 (Tiny-Huge Island) Where are all the warps?
Course 14 (Tick Tock Clock) Video Game Links
Course 15 (Rainbow Ride) Download Mario Music
Luigi in Super Mario 64? New! Mario's Moves New!

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