Video Games

Last Updated: Friday, February 03, 2006

Nintendo 64

Super Mario 64 - Beyond 120 Stars - The fun doesn't stop at 120 stars! Try some of these cool stunts!

Tips for Blast Corps - This game is very challenging, but I managed to attain ALL the platinum metals!

Tricks for Donkey Kong 64 

Tricks for Zelda 64 

Some of my other favorite games are:

Mario Kart 64

Diddy Kong Racing

Star Wars: SOTE - I wish I had more time!


Super Nintendo

Super Mario Kart - The original is still very fun!

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All times are on standard American NTSC systems, and I did not use any cheat devices!

That means, unless I mention it:

  1. I did not use any Game Genie type devices to get my high scores.
  2. I did not use any turbo feature on joysticks to get my high scores.
  3. I did not use any slow-motion feature on joysticks to get my high scores.
  4. I did not use any built-in cheat codes.
  5. I may have used special tricks built-into a game, however. This includes special shortcuts in Super Mario Kart, and jumping out of my vehicle in Blast Corps to blow up a building.

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